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Amateur radio, space tech, and other nerd stuff

DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 5: Power on / off sequences

In my previous post I described how I solved the power connections for the radio and the front panel when they are physically separated from each other. In this post I will explain the software part of the power on / off procedure.


DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 4: Here come the Beaglebones

Last night I reached a significant milestone in this DIY remoterig project for the IC-706: I had the radio and the front panel talk to each other through a pair of Beaglebones and without any PC in the loop and without any wires between the boards for transferring power and discrete signals.


The Beaglebone White, DVI-D with Audio cape and official Debian images

A lot has happened since the original Beaglebone White and the original DVI-D with Audio cape have been released. The Ã…ngstrom distribution has been ditched and Robert C. Nelson produces Debian-based images and kernel updates at an impressive pace. Clearly, the primary focus is on the Beaglebone Black and while compatibility with Beaglebone White is also maintained, some of the capes are no longer supported, probably because they are not compatible with the Beaglebone Black.


DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 3: Keep-alive emulation

Yesterday I have implemented emulation of keep-alive messages on server side. This means that the keep-alive messages sent by the front panel roughly every 100 ms are no longer sent over the network; instead, they are generated in the servers main loop with 150 ms interval.


DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 2: A closer look at the protocol

In my first post about the IC-706 remote kit I wrote that we don't really need to care about what data protocol is used between the radio and the front panel; all we need is to route the data between a serial port and a network socket. However, it turns out that taking a closer look at the protocol is not only a good idea but also necessary for efficient remote control.

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