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Amateur radio, space tech, and other nerd stuff

Is open source digital voice about to explode?

Digital voice is exploding! That's the title of HamRadioNow episode 193 where Gary KN4AQ interviews David Rowe VK5DGR, creator of Codec2 and co-author of FreeDV.


DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 8: Improved audio client and server

In my last update I have posted a live demo of the IC-706 remote setup. This setup was using a gstreamer-based audio client and server, taking advantage of state of the art audio codec called Opus. This setup was working fine over reliable network connections; however, as soon as I got on a mobile network the simple gstreamer pipelines were no longer sufficient. So it was time to write a simple audio client and server pair that are better suited to handle network dropouts.


DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 7: First on-air test

Good news folks: I have had my remote controlled IC-706 on the air and it works! So far I have only tested the receiver and on the LAN, but I still consider it to be a significant milestone because it was the first time I had the controls and the audio work together with a good antenna connected to the radio.


Gstreamer 1.4 on the Beaglebone

Today I found myself in a situation where I needed the latest Gstreamer 1.4.3 on a Beaglebone running a console image by Robert C. Nelson based on Debian Wheezy. Debian Wheezy comes with the old Gstreamer 0.10 and as far as I could tell the new gstreamer isn't even available through backports. It is however available in Debian Jessie (testing).


DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 6: A simple audio server and client

It has been a few weeks since my last update about the IC-706 remote rig project so here is a new one.

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